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The inside Passage of Alaska aboard a Qilak sailboat

The interior crossing or «Inside Passage» is a maritime route connecting Canada to Alaska, bordered by a myriad of islands and fjords.

The cruise at a glance

  • Overview :
  • 10 days on-site
  • 4 departure dates
  • 2330 € per person
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There are colonies of orcas and humpback whales, sea otters, sea lions and bears in search of salmon that can be observed. This tour will have you discover the Inside Passage in Alaska (note that we propose to discover its southern part in the cruise «West Canada: Haida Gwaii»).

Lumberjacks and fishermen live in “villages at the end of the world,” popping up out of nowhere in the middle of huge territories, shared with grizzly bears and black bears.

Southeastern Alaska was completely overgrown with ice 300 years earlier during the last “little ice age” of the 18th century. Glaciers are still resisting in Glacier Bay National Park, on our route, spilling their seracs with a bang.

Get aboard !

When to join us?

All our cruises including 10 days on-site for 2330€. (1990€ + 340€ onboard kitty ).

June 2020

From 25/05/2020 To 03/06/2020 Boarding : Ketchikan Landing : Juneau Code : P4

July 2020

From 30/07/2020 To 08/08/2020 Boarding : Juneau Landing : Ketchikan Code : P10

August 2020

From 10/08/2020 To 19/08/2020 Boarding : Ketchikan Landing : Juneau Code : P11

August 2020

From 21/08/2020 To 30/08/2020 Boarding : Juneau Landing : Ketchikan Code : P12

Why join us ?

  • The sailboat adventure in the tumultuous narrows to the powerful currents of the Inside Passage
  • The immense ice walls that calve huge blocks of ice collapsing in a resounding crash
  • Observe an exceptional fauna made up of whales, sea lions, bears
  • Relax in the relaxing baths of the hot springs
  • Discovering «villages at the end of the world»
  • The Kuro Shivo, a hot marine current from Japan making a very mild microclimate
  • Fishing on board, trolling and mooring\
  • Sailing in small groups: maximum 6 passengers and 2 crew\
  • A very patient skipper ready to introduce you to sailing, beginners are welcome to participate in manoeuvers!

Prices do not include air and hotel, transportation from the airport to the sailboat, alcohol (other than wine at dinners), or restaurants (including the last dinner on Day 10) and shore bars.

Participants arrive at the boarding port the day before Day 1 and spend a night in hotel. Boarding takes place in the morning at 9am on Day 1 and we set sail shortly afterwards. The landing takes place around 6pm on Day 10.
NB: Extend your stay!

We imagined an original and unique route along the Pacific coast, from Vancouver Island (Canada) to Valdez (Alaska, USA). This long roaming is divided into 3 geographical areas. You can therefore extend your cruise by registering on several areas of the course or supplementing it with your continuity of travel!

Our itinerary

Day 1 : Boarding on Qilak

Boarding Qilak at Ketchikan, Alaska’s maritime gateway and endearing Lake town with Tlingit totems. Anchorage at Ketchikan.

Day 2 and 3 : On the bear track

We cast off to get to the exciting Anan Creek Bear Observatory in the Tongan forest. In the summer, black and brown bears find their way there to catch the salmon that are trying to climb this river. Anchorage at Anan Bay.

Day 4 : Petersburg

Navigation from Ketchikan to Petersburg, a village founded in 1890 by a Norwegian colony. Today this is one of the principal fishing ports in the region. Beautiful view of the snowy peaks that border the coast. Anchorage close to the village.

Day 5 : Navigation to hot springs

Cruising to the Hot Springs of Warm Spring Bay for a relaxing bath. Anchorage at Warm Spring Bay.

Day 6 and 7 : Mooring in a fishing village

Navigating a maze of narrow channels with powerful currents: the « narrows » to Elfin Cove, a village on the edge of the world, north of Chichagof Island. A dozen fishing families live here all year round in this charming cove with houses on stilts. Anchorage at Elfin Cove.

Day 8 and 9 : Glacier Bay National Park

Coastal navigation to Glacier Bay National Park. The glacier surge during the last « Little Ice Age » of the 18th century forced the Tlingit nation to flee the land they had inhabited for centuries. Moorings and strolls on some of the 16 glaciers that pour into the fjords an incredible amount of icebergs. The landscapes of this immense glacial valley are grandiose.

Day 10 : Landing and end of the trip

Anchorage and disembarkation in Juneau, capital of Alaska and living memory of the pioneers of the gold Rush. A number of museums and ancient gold mines remain.

Note: for the P10 and P12 cruises, boarding/landing are reversed.