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The Inside Passage of Alaska aboard the Qilak sailboat

Inland sea passage connecting Canada to Alaska, bordered by a myriad of islands and fjords

The cruise at a glance

  • Overview :
  • 10 days on-site
  • 3 departure dates
  • 2.450 € per person
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In the Inside Passage, natural canals between islands and fjords, in a maze of narrow defiles with powerful currents, the boat remains today the only means of access to territories of raw nature, where loggers and fishermen live in a few “villages at the end of the world”, appearing out of nowhere in the kingdom of grizzly and black bears.

Southeast Alaska was completely invaded by ice during the last “Little Ice Age” of the 18th century. Glaciers still resist in Glacier Bay National Park, crashing their seracs. Along the water there are humpback whales, orcas colonies, flown over by majestic sea birds such as the crested shearwater or the peregrine falcon.

Get aboard !

When to join us?

10-day cruise on site in Alaska, for 2,450 Euros

August 2021

From 05/08/2021 To 14/08/2021 Boarding : Juneau Landing : Ketchikan Code : P11

August 2021

From 16/08/2021 To 25/08/2021 Boarding : Ketchikan Landing : Juneau Code : P12

August 2021

From 27/08/2021 To 05/09/2021 Boarding : Juneau Landing : Ketchikan Code : P13

Why join us ?

  • Sailboat adventure as close as possible to glaciers calving huge seracs
  • “Villages at the end of the world”
  • Navigating the “narrows” with powerful currents of the Inside Passage
  • The capture of migratory salmon by grizzly bears
  • Relaxation in the natural pools of the hot springs
  • Small-group sailing: maximum 6 passengers, fishing on board
  • A skipper-adventurer, ready to introduce you to navigation, beginners welcome!


Prices indicated do not include airfare or transport from the airport to the sailboat, alcohol (other than wine at dinners), restaurants (including the last dinner on Day 10) and shore bars.
Participants arrive at the embarkation port the day before Day 1 (D1) and spend one night in a hotel. Boarding takes place on the morning of D1 at 9a.m. and we set sail shortly after. Disembarkation takes place around 6 p.m. on D10.

Note: Extend your stay!
This expedition aboard the Qilak sailboat is part of an itinerant journey along the Pacific coast, from Vancouver Island (Canada) to the Aleutian Islands (Alaska). You therefore have the possibility of extending your trip by registering for several expeditions!

Our itinerary

Day 1: Boarding in Juneau

Embarkation aboard Qilak in Juneau, capital of Alaska and living memory of the pioneers of the gold rush. On the way to Glacier Bay National Park. Anchorage at Bartlett Cove.

Days 2 to 4: Glacier Bay National Park

The surge of glaciers during the last "Little Ice Age" of the 18th century forced the Tlingit nation around 1750 to flee their land which they had inhabited for centuries. Anchorages and walks at the foot of some of the 16 glaciers which pour an incredible amount of icebergs into the fjords. The landscapes of this immense glacial valley of 1,930 square miles (5,000 km²) are magnificent.

Days 5 and 6: Warm Spring Bay

Baths in the natural basins of the warm springs of Warm Spring Bay. Anchorage at Waterfall Lagoon.

Day 7: Petersburg

Dall's marsoins open the way for us to Petersburg, a village founded in 1890 by a Norwegian colony. Magnificent view of the snow-capped peaks bordering the coast. Anchorage in Petersburg.

Days 8 and 9: Anan Creek Bear Observatory

We continue our journey to the exciting Anan Creek Bear Observatory, in Tongass Forest. Wonderful shore excursion to watch the salmon come up, caught at the mercy of grizzly bears. Anchorage at Anan Bay.

Day 10: Disembarking in Ketchikan

Anchorage and disembarkation in Ketchikan: maritime gateway to Alaska and a small lakeside town with impressive totem poles.

Note: The itinerary is reversed for the departure on August 16 (code P12), ie: boarding in Ketchikan / disembarking in Juneau.