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Prince William Sound Glaciers aboard a Qilak sailboat

Sailing on the Arctic Circle in Prince William Bay, between the waltz of whales and the crash of glaciers.

The cruise at a glance

  • Overview :
  • 10 days on site
  • 3 departure dates
  • 2330 € per person
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Discovering immense cliffs of ice along the coastline! Chugach Mountains have over 150 glaciers, of which 40 join the sea in Prince William Bay.

A true inland sea, this 27000 km² bay with offers the greatest diversity of wildlife habitat along the North Pacific coast: 240 species of birds, from the tiny Rufus Hummingbird to the Royal Eagle and about 30 mammals Including grizzly bears, black bears and Sitka deer.

Navigating among killer and humpback whales, sea lions and otters. Once at anchor we will explore the coastline, often at the foot of the glaciers.

Get aboard !

When to join us?

All our cruises including 10 days on site for 2330€. (1990€ + 340€ onboard kitty ).

June 2020

From 16/06/2020 To 25/06/2020 Boarding : Valdez Landing : Valdez Code : V6

June 2020

From 27/06/2020 To 06/07/2020 Boarding : Valdez Landing : Valdez Code : V7

July 2020

From 08/07/2020 To 17/07/2020 Boarding : Valdez Landing : Valdez Code : V8

Why join us ?

  • Slaloming between icebergs close to the glaciers, calving huge boulders in a resounding crash
  • Trekking on the moss mats of the «Muskeg», on the traces of bears
  • Observing the Alaskan fauna: Killer and Humpback whales, sea otters…
  • The Kuro Shivo, a hot marine current from Japan making a very mild microclimate
  • Fish on board and tasting the famous «King Crab»
  • Navigating in small groups: maximum 6 passengers and 2 crew
  • A very patient skipper ready to teach you to sail, beginners are welcome to help with manoeuvers!

Prices do not include air and hotel, transportation from the airport to the sailboat, alcohol (other than wine at dinners), or restaurants (including the last dinner on Day 10) and shore bars.

Participants arrive at the boarding port the day before Day 1 and spend a night in hotel. Boarding takes place in the morning at 9am on Day 1 and we set sail shortly afterwards. The landing takes place around noon on Day 10.
NB: Extend your stay!

We imagined an original and unique route along the Pacific coast, from Vancouver Island (Canada) to Valdez (Alaska, USA). This long roaming is divided into 3 geographical areas. You can therefore extend your cruise by registering on several areas of the course or supplementing it with your continuity of travel!

Our itinerary

Day 1 : Boarding in Valdez

Boarding Qilak in Valdez.

Day 2 : Discovery of the largest glacier in North America

Cruising to Columbia Glacier, the largest maritime glacier in North America, measuring 64 km long and calving millions of tonnes of ice. Approach to the foot of the glacier by slaloming between the icebergs. Anchorage at Jade Harbor.

Day 3 : Maeres Glacier

The only glacier of Prince William Sound that is still advancing! Hike to Miners Lake on the traces of bears. The floor is covered with «muskeg», a very dense moss mat. Anchorage at Miners Bay

Day 4 : Navigation and shades of blue

We access by Esther passage to Surprise Glacier which presents very tapered needles at its top and whose ice is so blue! Mooring at Serpentine Cove, a well-sheltered little bay.

Day 5 : Coghill Lake

We leave the icy mineral world to find the lush vegetation of a magnificent hike to Coghill Lake. Wetting at Coghill Cove.

Day 6 : Blackstone Glacier

South road for a breath-taking panorama at the Blackstone Glacier, the most photographed of the glaciers. Willard Sound anchorage.

Day 7 : Explorations and unique anchorages

Exploration of Chochrane Bay and hike to Shrode Lake in a green setting. We access exceptional sites and our most beautiful mooring in Prince William Sound in all its splendour!

Day 8 : Goose Bay

The Culross interior passage offers magnificent corridors in the midst of an infinity of islands and islets. In a green setting, we access exceptional sites: our most beautiful moorings in Prince William Sound!

Day 9 : Sea lions

Approach to a rockery of a hundred sea lions. Hiking and mooring at Shoup Bay, located at the entrance to Valdez Bay. The anchor plunges into the milky blue water from the Shoup glacier.

Day 10 : Landing

Short navigation from Shoup Bay to Valdez. Large township nestled in glacier
free fjord. Anchorage and landing at Valdez.