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Ski-Sailing in Prince William Sound Alaska aboard the Qilak sailboat

Ski touring in the Prince William Sound Glaciers

The cruise at a glance

  • Overview :
  • 10 days on site
  • 2 departure dates
  • 5920 € per person
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More than a trip, this touring ski-sailing cruise is an adventure in the broadest sense of the term an exploration. Everything is planned, nothing is guaranteed, because the basis is the constant adaptation to this unpredictable and powerful nature. So the landings are random, like the winds and moorings and we will be forced to adapt constantly, but of course the reward to all this is immense.

Alaska is the kingdom of the ‘wilderness’, sea, mountains, glaciers, incomparable wildlife, all the ingredients are gathered here for all those who love pristine spaces, and activities ‘outdoor'”.

Long known for heliskiing, ski touring in Alaska is starting to emulate because the playground is huge and it is a country of mountains but also of snow. Prince William Bay not far from Anchorage is a natural paradise, where mountains and more than 40 glaciers fall into the sea, and offer incredible opportunities for ski touring. It is on board QILAK that we will crisscross this huge bay and ski the most beautiful peaks, sometimes admiring the iconic bald eagle, symbol of Alaska, but also whales, orcs and an incredible fauna.

We invite you to come and explore with us these unique and unforgettable spaces.

Get aboard !

When to join us?

All our cruises including 14 days on site for 5920€.

April 2020

From 20/04/2020 To 03/05/2020 Boarding : Paris, CDG Landing : Paris, CDG Code : S1

May 2020

From 04/05/2020 To 17/05/2020 Boarding : Paris, CDG Landing : Paris, CDG Code : S2

Why join us ?

  • Skiing on the most beautiful peaks of Prince William Sound in a totally wild environment
  • The prince william Bay Marine Glaciers
  • Observation of mythical species: grizzly bears, orcs, humpback whales …
  •  Small group sailing: up to 6 passengers and fishing on board
  •  Coaching by a UIAGM-certified mountain guide, specialist in skiing in the polar regions

Technical level :

No particular difficulty in the peaks we will climb, but you have to be good skier goes everywhere and mountain. The slopes can be 45 degrees on short passages equipped with a fixed rope if necessary. The terrain is glacial from time to time and knowing the techniques of rescue in crevasse can be a plus, such as the crevice grinding among others. The full list of your alpine skiing equipment will be provided at the time of registration.

Physical level :

Very good physical condition essential, with elevations of 800 to 1000 m per day on average, or even more if necessary and stages of 6 to 7 hours. We will choose our goals according to our desires, our shape and the weather.

Prices do not include air and hotel, transportation from the airport to the sailboat, alcohol (other than wine at dinners), or restaurants (including the last dinner on Day 11) and shore bars.

Participants arrive at the boarding port the day before Day 1 and spend a night in hotel. Boarding takes place in the morning at 9am on Day 1 and we set sail shortly afterwards. The landing takes place around 6pm on Day 11.

Our itinerary

Day 1 : Flight and local landing

Boarding Qilak in Whittier.

Day 2 to 10 : Ski et voile

We crisscross Prince William Bay in search of the most beautiful peaks and slopes. The altitude of the mountains is very variable and little quickly rise to 3000 m, but then their size also becomes incredible because here everything is on another scale. There are also several islands covered with beautiful peaks of 800 to 1000 m altitude planted in the middle of the bay in a dream setting. We will also go to the Sargent Glacier, in Derickson Bay, King's Bay, Contact Glacier, etc. After skiing for those who love fishing, you can fish for sea trout or salmon. Only the boat allows access to the foot of the mountains as there are absolutely no roads in the Bay and north huge glaciers descend from the high peaks of the Chugach Mountains There are in some places huts where it is possible to spend a night and can be we will use one to shorten a summit approach. Every time you leave the beach skiing at the foot it's a unique feeling to live an incredible experience with the immense joy of feeling alone in the world and having the whole mountain for us.

Day 11 : Whittier

Disembarkation in Whittier.