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Ours Kodiak en quête de saumons migratoires

Sailboat cruise around Kodiak Archipelago and Alaska Peninsula

Experience a cruise following the footsteps of Kodiak bear to Alaska Peninsula’s volcanoes

The cruise at a glance

Kodiak Island is the second largest island in the United States, it was also the first Russian capital of Alaska. Saint-Paul is one of the top 3 fishing ports in the USA. On its own, it is home to a fleet of 800 trawlers active in all seasons: summer is the season for salmon, cod and halibut, fall is the season for king crabs, winter that for snow crab, spring being the herring season. This mountainous island has many deep bays, hunting grounds for the huge Kodiak bear in search of salmon.

Our navigation will take us from the Kodiak Archipelago to the Alaska Peninsula which has 14 active volcanoes including the Novarupta. The peninsula is very sparsely populated, although there are a few small fishing villages, it is home to Katmai National Park where bears proliferate, estimated to number over 2,000. Its direct access to the ocean makes it the place of passage for the summer migration of a very dense marine fauna: orcas, sea lions, seals and many species of whales, from the beluga to the blue whale.


Please note that the vagaries of the weather require you to adapt to sometimes rough seas and could modify the program indicated. Sailing experience would be required (however do not confuse the adaptation of the first few days with recurring seasickness).

Get aboard !

When to join us?

10-day cruise in Alaska: 2,590 Euros

June 2022

From 05/06/2022 To 14/06/2022 Boarding : Kodiak Landing : Sand Point Code : K6

July 2022

From 03/07/2022 To 12/07/2022 Boarding : Sand Point Landing : Kodiak Code : K8

Why join us ?

  • In the footsteps of the Kodiak bear
  • Fauna and geology of  the Alaska Peninsula
  • To be able to access virgin land only accessible by sea
  • Small-group navigation of up to six people and two sailors, aboard a polar exploration sailboat.
  • Fishing at sea or at anchorages

Prices indicated do not include airfare and hotels, transport from the airport to the sailboat, alcohol (other than wine at dinners), restaurants (including the last dinner on Day 10) and bars.
Boarding takes place on the morning of Day 1 (D1) in front of the Harbor Master office and we set sail shortly after. Disembarkation is on D10.

Note: Extend your stay!
This expedition aboard the Qilak sailboat is part of an itinerant journey along the Pacific coast, from Vancouver Island (Canada) to the Aleutian Islands (Alaska). You therefore have the possibility of extending your trip by registering for several expeditions!

Our itinerary

Day 1: Boarding in Kodiak

Embarkation at the port Saint-Paul of Kodiak (Kodiak being both the name of the island and its capital city).

Days 2 and 3: Uganik East Arm (Kodiak Island)

The vegetation is dense and has given way to the development of a species of plantigrade peculiar to this archipelago: the Kodiak bear grazing 11.5 feet (3.50m) when it stands up. We follow their trail in the bays to observe them in the capture of salmon going up the rivers.

Days 4 and 5: Hidden Harbor (Katmai National Park)

Crossing the Shelikof Strait to reach Katmai National Park. The contours of the Novarupta volcano loom on the horizon. We go up Kinak Bay which leads to the territory of brown bears which gather in large numbers in estuaries to catch migrating salmon. Nourished by this rich supply of protein, they can reach the weight of a ton!

Days 6 and 7: Geographic Harbor (Katmai National Park)

Located in the heart of Katmai National Park, Geographic Harbor reveals its glacial past through the smooth shape of its high cliffs punctuated with pale gray spots, remnants of volcanic ash accumulated following the eruption of the Novarupta volcano in 1912, still marking these slopes near a century later.

Days 8 and 9: Alaska Peninsula

Cabotage along the Alaska Peninsula, caught between the Bering Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, with many stopovers. In these waters full of fish, daily observation of cetaceans and orcas in our wake. In the heights, it is possible to distinguish countless sea birds including bald eagles, proudly perched on the cliffs.

Day 10: Disembarking in Sand Point (Popof Island)

Disembarkation at the port of Sand Point.

Note: the route is reversed in K8 from July 3 to 12, 2021, ie: boarding in Sand Point (Popof Island) /disembarking in Kodiak.

Our latest reviews

Territoire de chasse de l'ours Kodiak

Monique J., Kodiak Archipelago cruise from July 12 to 21, 2019

I who love wild nature, where man has not left his mark, I was overwhelmed: what could be more exhilarating than going for a walk in the tall grass in the footsteps of the Kodiak bear, watch the whales dance or admire carefree sea otters surfing and discovering their friendly faces. Not to mention the flight of multitudes of birds including the puffin, so difficult to approach. I still frequently ride the Qilak with you in my mind. I really enjoyed this great adventure and your caring attitude.